First, let’s start by saying that we love what we do. We find it paramount, especially while working long hours and consuming way too much caffeine, that we enjoy the people we work with and for. Watching a project go from concept to completion and having that shared vision realized, never gets old.

Each project poses its own unique set of challenges. Coming up with creative musical solutions that successfully meet those challenges, seamlessly tying everything together is sometimes nothing short of daunting. Whether it takes a more direct approach or an adventurous, shall we say "left of center" angle, it always pushes our creative juices beyond where we thought we could go. Anyway, we have a blast at what we do and hopefully so do the people around us.

Ending on a more philosophical note by quoting a friend that I have, only second to my father, the greatest respect for, and who has been in this business for more years than he'd care to admit. "Never Settle..." these words reverberate inside my head 24/7, as they have become our mantra here. I've found it is worth going the extra step; it could mean the difference between good and great, with little risk and greater rewards. I hope you share the same philosophy.

Thanks to all of our clients and friends for a wonderful 35 years…we look forward to many more.

  Keith Crane

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